Friday, January 2, 2015

New beginnings.. all the time


I wish you all the very best for this year, whatever you choose that to be.. Whatever you want, whichever you like!

You had probably noticed my absence on this blog. To be short: I have had lots to write about, but not the courage to do so.
I have experienced and learnt so much last year. My frame of perception had shifted so dramatically that I sometimes realised, when talking to close friends, for an outsider, I must sound like a total nutter. My world looks so enormously different to the world I looked at a year before. (And even then, for some, I was considered strange.) I was afraid to be asked for scientifical backup for my writings, or going to see a shrink, even.
In the past, I did write about my communication with trees and my ideas on magic, but I kept it a bit safe.

But what use would that fairy-tale-land be if I couldn't even share it with interested people around me? I decided strangeness should not be a reason to hold back.
So, I am installing a disclaimer. I believe that existence is made up of many truths and many stories. They can all be true, as well as untrue. It is however you choose. Pick your own.
If you do not like my reality and the truths I choose, please accept that this is where I live, and don't try very hard to win me over to your version of reality; be respectful. (Of course I am open to interesting philosophical debates..) It would be nice to inspire others by sharing my realities and stories, a place to warm your heart and sense of the magical.

So there it is… a new beginning, an introduction.
What new beginnings are you making this start of the year? What do you do to add some magic and happy to your life? I would love to hear.. :)
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Lots of love
and wishing you the very best beginning,

Dorien Hannah

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Nienke said...

Vind dit mooi.

Dorien Ruben said...

Ik vind het ook mooi dat je dit mooi vindt! :)