Thursday, April 17, 2014

Magic, part one.

Spirited tree

One of the examples where 'magic' begins to become a normal part of my life…

It is april, I am in France, in a car driving trough the dark. We have been to the hot springs, at a place along the cold river where a little 'booth' has been built to be able to bathe in the warm water coming from the earth there. We have been soaking and floating here, in the dark in this booth, for hours. From time to time, stepping outside into the moonlight and into the water where the icy cold water from the rapidly flowing river meets the warm water from the spring.
This scene was magical on itself, but here it is just the context for the next story. We sit in the car, still water in our ears and very tired, driving back home.

I sit in the back seat, staring over the fields and scenery. This part of France is absolutely amazing, and is now lit by the moon. Suddenly, I start to feel very afraid. I know there is a bird of prey flying over the field. I cannot see it, but it pops into my head. I know it.
When I realise this, I ask myself why. How do I 'just know' there is a bird flying over there? Secondly, why does it make me feel afraid?
Then I feel an itch on the bridge of my nose. Not really an itch but a twitch that isn't really there. I know this feeling. I've called it my phantom-freckles.. Then I feel as if I have legs, going up, bent and by the side of my body. I feel this light tickle on the top of my head.. Long ears going trough my hair. I feel my eyes wide open and alert. I look up and sniff, but it is not me.
This might sound very strange to you, but it dawned on me that I am feeling a rabbit, down there in the field.
I feel as if I am this rabbit, down there, but at the same time myself, sitting in the backseat, gazing in space. A bit as if I feel two bodies at once and it even makes sense. Realising that I am me, made me less scared and just thankful. How amazing that I can just connect to another living creature and feel what it is feeling! I tried to send the rabbit some love and strength and hoped it would make it feel less scared, but I let go of the fear. It wasn't mine.

Meisje met konijn

The wonderful bit about this story is that it is not a story. I really was in this reality, in this wonderful place. I know I have seen and can go see many more beautiful places. I can go wherever and whenever I want.
I am also very excited to get more and more in tune with my intuïtion. It happens more and more that I just know things, feel the truth, feel what is needed. It is magical, normal and very handy.
This story happened give or take a year ago. This was just a beginning.
I will probably write more on intuïtion in the future. It is fun and exciting.

How much are you in tune with your intuïtion? Have you had any fun experiences with it recently? :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

On self-love and the hole in it


A little while ago I was confronted with a huge gap in my self-love. I had set the intention to work on loving myself more. I knew I wasn’t completely healthy in that area, but now I am looking into it, the hole in my self-love seems quite big and painful. (Wow! What a big hole! Echoe!)

Oh… Be careful what you wish for.. The universe conspires to make it happen.

I was sent a message by a friend about a mistake I have made months ago. About how it still hurts and makes her angry. I don’t want to go into what it was, as it is personal and not to be shared openly. To be very honest, I am still a bit ashamed about it as well.
Back to the hole in my self-love: where this all started. I fill up this hole with recognition from others. I need them to tell me that I am okay, or even better than okay. That I am welcome on this planet and loved.
I want to stop needing this, filling myself with outside-energy, while I should be nourishing myself and loving myself.

Her message reminded me that I have not forgiven myself for my mistakes. I know theoretically that nobody is perfect, that we are perfect with our imperfections and that we all have lessons to learn, but the pain I felt reading that message makes it clear that I have not embraced my shadow-side.

I suppose self-love is something many of us struggle with. I feel thankful to be handed another opportunity to grow in this.
So how do you handle loving yourself more? Giving love to others can be so easy… How do you love yourself and be kind to yourself?
Please let me know in the comments below..

I found this video a little while ago.. It makes me feel extremely calm and lifts up the heavy things in my heart. Life. It's just this. Calmness. Whatever you make of it. It was made by Marleen Renders.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Embroidery for dummies...

I've been creating loads of 'Embroidery for dummies'-packages the last months. They are being sold trough the shop Blauwdruck in Zwolle, trough my facebook page and this blog. I mix up some nice colours together and most of them also go with some amazing handpainted embroidery thread. And then they go and I don't know where they end up and what the projects all look like. They kind of disappear.

Just the idea that all of the people who bought one of my packets must be learning to do embroidery now, already makes me very happy about the project. And then… I received a photo!
A result!

I think this is pretty good for a first go at embroidery! What do you think? What a cute brooch..

Did you make one too? Come on! Share it with us! :)
Send a photo over to info[at] and I'll share it..

Didn't get to get ahold of a package yet? Send me a message and I'll send you one. If you mention two colours you would like in there, I'll even assemble one just for you!

For Dutchies: a package will cost €12,- including shipping.
If you live somewhere else, ask away!

Friday, March 7, 2014

I believe in...

In the Netherlands, most people believe in politics, the economy and the things they read and hear in the news. Dreams are often reduced by thoughts about what should be financially possible and what fits inside the box of this society. Then, in the best cases, those dreams are turned into plans and to-do-lists.

A long time ago people believed strongly in gods and in the spirited world around themselves. They created stories and beliefs and rituals. In our history lessons, we tend to look back at these cultures and laugh at their ways and superstitions.
I believe that our nowadays society is at least as superstitious as those people. We believed so strongly in the things we have learnt in our education and in the things that are said in the news. Science facts from whatever study to cling to and believe in like you could with a religion and defend it against non-believers (they must be mad not to believe in science!)
And I say 'believed', because I see all around me that many of us are opening our eyes wider, not only to the outside, but mostly to the inside. What do you see? What do you feel? What is it that you believe as true? Do the truths you carried with you feel as true now?

We go back to creating our own rituals, feel that we should go back and connect with nature, make new beliefs and open up our lives in this way. We are restoring our connection to mythos. We are going to peel off layers and layers, right to the entities that we really are, divine, but earthlings (at the moment).

If you let go of ideas of what life should look like and what you should behave like.. What does it look like? What dance do you dance?

I want to focus on endless possibilities, on fantasy and on how fantasy is real life.

I believe in… fairytales and magic right here in this reality.

This living Greenman statue was made by The Greenman Project.