Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What we need to be aware of - Charlie Hebdo


Concerning the last dramatic events in France, that started with the shooting at Charlie Hebdo…
I would like to shed a different light on the things that happened and especially the enormous reaction from media and a lot of people on social media.

Of course, let me begin by saying I do not disrespect those that have died or the people grieving over them. It must be a terrible loss. Also, I don't want to speak about freedom of speech, a main theme that seems to be in discussion right now. It is not the most important thing to be viewed here, in my opinion.

Here and there I read some messages and articles debating wether the incidents were really done by IS or which ever group of terrorists, or wether they were staged by a higher power. Fear is a great tool to make people give away their power. No matter what you believe yourself and no matter for what political purpose these events were meant for, realise that this does create fear and anger.

We have seen what focus can do, especially a large group of people focussing on one particular thing. For example the tests done of the uplifting effect for an area where a group-meditation takes place.
Or, on a smaller scale; see how many nice things you encounter on your way if you firmly hold your focus on the positive. And now, try it backwards. Focus on all the things that go wrong and could go wrong, make your cup half-full (or rather not try this too much at all).

I must say I don't know of any specific researches I could link to you, but focus is pretty commonly used to achieve a goal. For example; meditation, prayer, or several kinds of magic/witchcraft.
I haven't read it myself, but a lot of people refer to 'The Secret'.

For the people that are more aware of where they are on the spiritual path, you know we are all growing. We are on the path to mass-enlightenment, some of you can already see it more clearly than others. Most probably, you see more and more 'coincidences' happening. You notice that your magnetising or manifesting-strength has grown and the things you ask for and focus on come to you quicker.
This comes with a responsibility!

A thing that has caught my attention in the Charlie-madness, among the many creative responses to the event, was the protests and gatherings. I came across a map of the Netherlands, with all places marked where a Hebdo-remembrance kind of event would take place. It was completely full. Mayors speeching, candles and party-tents.
Now imagine all those people, gathering and en-masse focussing on terror, death, drama and oppression, and maybe anger pointed at the Islam. Imagine what horror that would attract.
Of course, the focus is also on freedom of speech, but see the importance of in what way this is done. The focus here is mostly on the lack of freedom of speech or the oppressors of freedom of speech, not on the growing of the freedom itself. It is not a positive focus, and that would be very hard to do here.

If you look at this from a perspective of awareness on what you 'magnetise', these (the gatherings and the many messages on the internet) are mass-prayers to attract terror and fear.

In order to truly empower ourselves, I think we should inform ourself, feel the fear/sadness/whatever emotion, so we know what we can remove/lift up, in whichever way you like to do this. (Fully feel it so it lifts, do EFT, visualisation, whatever healing method you use..) Then make sure you don't attach to the fear and sadness and terror, let it pass by. Do not magnify it, pass it on on twitter or facebook.
Stay in your space of love. (Even if you feel bad, take yourself in, be compassionate.) Stay positive.

Take up your pencil and create the world your heart desires. It is our responsibility.


Much love,
Dorien Hannah

Friday, January 2, 2015

New beginnings.. all the time


I wish you all the very best for this year, whatever you choose that to be.. Whatever you want, whichever you like!

You had probably noticed my absence on this blog. To be short: I have had lots to write about, but not the courage to do so.
I have experienced and learnt so much last year. My frame of perception had shifted so dramatically that I sometimes realised, when talking to close friends, for an outsider, I must sound like a total nutter. My world looks so enormously different to the world I looked at a year before. (And even then, for some, I was considered strange.) I was afraid to be asked for scientifical backup for my writings, or going to see a shrink, even.
In the past, I did write about my communication with trees and my ideas on magic, but I kept it a bit safe.

But what use would that fairy-tale-land be if I couldn't even share it with interested people around me? I decided strangeness should not be a reason to hold back.
So, I am installing a disclaimer. I believe that existence is made up of many truths and many stories. They can all be true, as well as untrue. It is however you choose. Pick your own.
If you do not like my reality and the truths I choose, please accept that this is where I live, and don't try very hard to win me over to your version of reality; be respectful. (Of course I am open to interesting philosophical debates..) It would be nice to inspire others by sharing my realities and stories, a place to warm your heart and sense of the magical.

So there it is… a new beginning, an introduction.
What new beginnings are you making this start of the year? What do you do to add some magic and happy to your life? I would love to hear.. :)
You can click below to leave a comment..

Lots of love
and wishing you the very best beginning,

Dorien Hannah

A little funny
Yes, I'm a bit funny..

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All growing

I notice I haven't been writing on this blog as regularly as I used to. Things have been hectic again.. my mood has been up and down. In the material world I felt like I was stuck and 'progress' was not to my liking.. Slow.. No traveling or much moving going on.

Now things get into swing so quickly again that I realise things did not stand still. It was merely a time of getting rid of old things and patterns that were of no use anymore and collecting energy to get back into motion.
I don't think I could take you all with me into my 'new' frames of perception.. explain what the growth I have been apparently growing feels like. It is a lot.. The stories on what life looks like from here get weirder, ever more interesting, but also much more 'not normal', not something easily explained from the old 'normal' frame.
On the other hand, everyone will have experienced the same kind of schwung as I have, just in their own way. I might not even need to explain a new point of seeing from. You have grown as well.

A week ago I participated in a Kambo-ceremony.. It was an amazing experience and I feel that the process has cleaned me out completely and snapped me into my core self at once.. Pow! As soon as I was trough the (very short but very intense) cleaning out process there I returned to the circle and felt completely blissed out.
Wow, this is what my Self feels like. This is powerful! This is bliss! And the group process was as amazing as that; all clean in that moment and moving together like the one being that we are.. This is what family feels like! This is what I want my life to look like!


So now, the frog has made 'all heaven break loose'.. Many goings on..
I might write more soon.. or might write later.
Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to hear more about.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Leaping out of the old

Path to the forest

For years and years (or maybe already since childhood, who knows..) I have felt stuck for periods of weeks or months or years, followed by a nice flowing bit of feeling 'unstuck'. A slow and heavy feeling in my body, tiredness, sadness and difficulty to do much that probably a lot of people who have suffered depression will recognise.
I have been up and down, and now faster and faster learning and turning my spiral upward, to my relief.

This devil has been in my family's women's line for a long time I guess. My grandmother, her sister and my mother have dealt with this as well. I feel it is time for me to end this now. It is time to prepare for the New Time and this devil is not going to go with us, nor with me, nor with us as a collective. :)

Tomorrow I will have a wonderful animal spirit helping me with this.. I am a bit afraid, but I also feel thankful and excited.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do you stuff your goals into tiny boxes?

Taking a walk

With some help from my friend, Jan Pieter, I woke up to the realisation that I have been compromising my goals and inner drivings. What crazyness.
I have been looking at what it is in life that really attracts me, that makes me jump around for joy doing.. and then I stuffed it into small, pre-existing, neat boxes that fit into the society of this time.
My focus has been on building my business and finding a place to live - the old way. And this is in no way close to what my heart really desires.

A little while ago I proclaimed that I would never live in an ordinary house all by myself. That I do not appreciate these stone, straight walls. So why on Earth am I looking around for appartments now? Because I think this is the way things are done?
To be honest, the thing that normally attracts me the most in houses are the balconies and windows, the views and portals to outside.. And after that the desks, creative spaces and comfortable reading places - places of opportunity, where new things and experiences can be created. Oh and the fact that you can stash away things in a house and keep them dry, as well as keeping myself dry. Maybe even washing clothes, showering and resting in a quiet place. But after all that, I want to get out!

Cris-crossed tree

I vowed to myself that I would take a walk in nature every day from now on, and I couldn't be more thankful to myself. What a wonderful thing. Every walk I feel just how much the energy in my body refreshes and how the inspiration comes rushing in. Good thing I brought a notebook with me last time.
As this is the first moon of the new year (of you follow the mayan calendar with the 13-moon year), this is a time for setting intentions, for feeling what it is you really want (which is quite difficult actually, at least for me in this moment). Properly deciding which direction you really want to step in, is the beginning of all processes.

Decide what processes you want to start. What else do you really want to do?
Which direction will you take?
Post in the comments if you like. Maybe it will help you confirm it for yourself.
It is also very good to communicate very clearly to the Universe what it is you want, so it can go ahead and fetch it for you.

So for my processes:
I would like to go back to what my initial dream was for housing.. I have done quite some dreaming and what-iffing about this, now, I will let it develop in this material world.
Check out some of my dreaming material over here:

Volg het bord Living in a… van Dorien op Pinterest.

I also decided I will re-open my Etsy-shop soon - The Magical Life. I will add one thing at a time, so there is room to share the story of everything in it. The stories are about how magic is involved in our everyday lives and there is a wonderful bunch of spirit-animals involved…
That is also my aim with the store and my creations.. Help letting the magic creep back in all of your lives.. who-ever I can touch with this, hence; The Magical Life.

Soon to be continued!