Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What we need to be aware of - Charlie Hebdo


Concerning the last dramatic events in France, that started with the shooting at Charlie Hebdo…
I would like to shed a different light on the things that happened and especially the enormous reaction from media and a lot of people on social media.

Of course, let me begin by saying I do not disrespect those that have died or the people grieving over them. It must be a terrible loss. Also, I don't want to speak about freedom of speech, a main theme that seems to be in discussion right now. It is not the most important thing to be viewed here, in my opinion.

Here and there I read some messages and articles debating wether the incidents were really done by IS or which ever group of terrorists, or wether they were staged by a higher power. Fear is a great tool to make people give away their power. No matter what you believe yourself and no matter for what political purpose these events were meant for, realise that this does create fear and anger.

We have seen what focus can do, especially a large group of people focussing on one particular thing. For example the tests done of the uplifting effect for an area where a group-meditation takes place.
Or, on a smaller scale; see how many nice things you encounter on your way if you firmly hold your focus on the positive. And now, try it backwards. Focus on all the things that go wrong and could go wrong, make your cup half-full (or rather not try this too much at all).

I must say I don't know of any specific researches I could link to you, but focus is pretty commonly used to achieve a goal. For example; meditation, prayer, or several kinds of magic/witchcraft.
I haven't read it myself, but a lot of people refer to 'The Secret'.

For the people that are more aware of where they are on the spiritual path, you know we are all growing. We are on the path to mass-enlightenment, some of you can already see it more clearly than others. Most probably, you see more and more 'coincidences' happening. You notice that your magnetising or manifesting-strength has grown and the things you ask for and focus on come to you quicker.
This comes with a responsibility!

A thing that has caught my attention in the Charlie-madness, among the many creative responses to the event, was the protests and gatherings. I came across a map of the Netherlands, with all places marked where a Hebdo-remembrance kind of event would take place. It was completely full. Mayors speeching, candles and party-tents.
Now imagine all those people, gathering and en-masse focussing on terror, death, drama and oppression, and maybe anger pointed at the Islam. Imagine what horror that would attract.
Of course, the focus is also on freedom of speech, but see the importance of in what way this is done. The focus here is mostly on the lack of freedom of speech or the oppressors of freedom of speech, not on the growing of the freedom itself. It is not a positive focus, and that would be very hard to do here.

If you look at this from a perspective of awareness on what you 'magnetise', these (the gatherings and the many messages on the internet) are mass-prayers to attract terror and fear.

In order to truly empower ourselves, I think we should inform ourself, feel the fear/sadness/whatever emotion, so we know what we can remove/lift up, in whichever way you like to do this. (Fully feel it so it lifts, do EFT, visualisation, whatever healing method you use..) Then make sure you don't attach to the fear and sadness and terror, let it pass by. Do not magnify it, pass it on on twitter or facebook.
Stay in your space of love. (Even if you feel bad, take yourself in, be compassionate.) Stay positive.

Take up your pencil and create the world your heart desires. It is our responsibility.


Much love,
Dorien Hannah

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