Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All growing

I notice I haven't been writing on this blog as regularly as I used to. Things have been hectic again.. my mood has been up and down. In the material world I felt like I was stuck and 'progress' was not to my liking.. Slow.. No traveling or much moving going on.

Now things get into swing so quickly again that I realise things did not stand still. It was merely a time of getting rid of old things and patterns that were of no use anymore and collecting energy to get back into motion.
I don't think I could take you all with me into my 'new' frames of perception.. explain what the growth I have been apparently growing feels like. It is a lot.. The stories on what life looks like from here get weirder, ever more interesting, but also much more 'not normal', not something easily explained from the old 'normal' frame.
On the other hand, everyone will have experienced the same kind of schwung as I have, just in their own way. I might not even need to explain a new point of seeing from. You have grown as well.

A week ago I participated in a Kambo-ceremony.. It was an amazing experience and I feel that the process has cleaned me out completely and snapped me into my core self at once.. Pow! As soon as I was trough the (very short but very intense) cleaning out process there I returned to the circle and felt completely blissed out.
Wow, this is what my Self feels like. This is powerful! This is bliss! And the group process was as amazing as that; all clean in that moment and moving together like the one being that we are.. This is what family feels like! This is what I want my life to look like!


So now, the frog has made 'all heaven break loose'.. Many goings on..
I might write more soon.. or might write later.
Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to hear more about.

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