Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Do you stuff your goals into tiny boxes?

Taking a walk

With some help from my friend, Jan Pieter, I woke up to the realisation that I have been compromising my goals and inner drivings. What crazyness.
I have been looking at what it is in life that really attracts me, that makes me jump around for joy doing.. and then I stuffed it into small, pre-existing, neat boxes that fit into the society of this time.
My focus has been on building my business and finding a place to live - the old way. And this is in no way close to what my heart really desires.

A little while ago I proclaimed that I would never live in an ordinary house all by myself. That I do not appreciate these stone, straight walls. So why on Earth am I looking around for appartments now? Because I think this is the way things are done?
To be honest, the thing that normally attracts me the most in houses are the balconies and windows, the views and portals to outside.. And after that the desks, creative spaces and comfortable reading places - places of opportunity, where new things and experiences can be created. Oh and the fact that you can stash away things in a house and keep them dry, as well as keeping myself dry. Maybe even washing clothes, showering and resting in a quiet place. But after all that, I want to get out!

Cris-crossed tree

I vowed to myself that I would take a walk in nature every day from now on, and I couldn't be more thankful to myself. What a wonderful thing. Every walk I feel just how much the energy in my body refreshes and how the inspiration comes rushing in. Good thing I brought a notebook with me last time.
As this is the first moon of the new year (of you follow the mayan calendar with the 13-moon year), this is a time for setting intentions, for feeling what it is you really want (which is quite difficult actually, at least for me in this moment). Properly deciding which direction you really want to step in, is the beginning of all processes.

Decide what processes you want to start. What else do you really want to do?
Which direction will you take?
Post in the comments if you like. Maybe it will help you confirm it for yourself.
It is also very good to communicate very clearly to the Universe what it is you want, so it can go ahead and fetch it for you.

So for my processes:
I would like to go back to what my initial dream was for housing.. I have done quite some dreaming and what-iffing about this, now, I will let it develop in this material world.
Check out some of my dreaming material over here:

Volg het bord Living in a… van Dorien op Pinterest.

I also decided I will re-open my Etsy-shop soon - The Magical Life. I will add one thing at a time, so there is room to share the story of everything in it. The stories are about how magic is involved in our everyday lives and there is a wonderful bunch of spirit-animals involved…
That is also my aim with the store and my creations.. Help letting the magic creep back in all of your lives.. who-ever I can touch with this, hence; The Magical Life.

Soon to be continued!

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sharon young said...

I am so on your wave length, I love , shacks, sheds , summerhouses, VW campers, motorhomes etc,
I put it down to almost being born in a converted railway carriage it must have got into my blood :-)
And yes I relate very strongly to your yearning know and do what you really want to and not what you thank you ought to.
I have been trying for years to turn myself into a contempory textile artist and have just had a few months off to think, return to my roots and see where I feel comfortable, it's a painful process, but cathartic at the same time.
At the moment it feels comfortable to be with what I know, knitting, making clothes and sketching, which is the challenge element.
I had high hopes of a solo exhibition with a cohesive body of work, but maybe the whole thing is too stressful and perhaps I just want a quiet happy life and forget about making my mark.
Thank you so much for the thought provoking post.