Monday, August 4, 2014

On my desk - after a summer-break


On my desk at the moment… painted feathers!
I found these a while back, on a magical walk just near where I live. An enormous bush of goose-feathers was gifted to me.. like a trail trough the grass.
I will connect these to hairclips, so they can be easily worn in the hair.

I love to wear feathers, they somehow add a bit of bird-energy to mine and I like it! These are all goose-feathers.. I hope to work just with feathers I have found myself, to be sure it is in tune with nature.. that everything I use is a gift from Pacha Mama, then trough my hands, to you!
Maybe I will add some gemstones too, to lift the energy even more.

I will be at the Native Gathering in Deventer coming weekend, selling my creations, cards and books. Come along too if you can! There will be workshops, native music, dancing and prayers and beautiful things to see.

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