Monday, March 24, 2014

Embroidery for dummies...

I've been creating loads of 'Embroidery for dummies'-packages the last months. They are being sold trough the shop Blauwdruck in Zwolle, trough my facebook page and this blog. I mix up some nice colours together and most of them also go with some amazing handpainted embroidery thread. And then they go and I don't know where they end up and what the projects all look like. They kind of disappear.

Just the idea that all of the people who bought one of my packets must be learning to do embroidery now, already makes me very happy about the project. And then… I received a photo!
A result!

I think this is pretty good for a first go at embroidery! What do you think? What a cute brooch..

Did you make one too? Come on! Share it with us! :)
Send a photo over to info[at] and I'll share it..

Didn't get to get ahold of a package yet? Send me a message and I'll send you one. If you mention two colours you would like in there, I'll even assemble one just for you!

For Dutchies: a package will cost €12,- including shipping.
If you live somewhere else, ask away!

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