Friday, March 7, 2014

I believe in...

In the Netherlands, most people believe in politics, the economy and the things they read and hear in the news. Dreams are often reduced by thoughts about what should be financially possible and what fits inside the box of this society. Then, in the best cases, those dreams are turned into plans and to-do-lists.

A long time ago people believed strongly in gods and in the spirited world around themselves. They created stories and beliefs and rituals. In our history lessons, we tend to look back at these cultures and laugh at their ways and superstitions.
I believe that our nowadays society is at least as superstitious as those people. We believed so strongly in the things we have learnt in our education and in the things that are said in the news. Science facts from whatever study to cling to and believe in like you could with a religion and defend it against non-believers (they must be mad not to believe in science!)
And I say 'believed', because I see all around me that many of us are opening our eyes wider, not only to the outside, but mostly to the inside. What do you see? What do you feel? What is it that you believe as true? Do the truths you carried with you feel as true now?

We go back to creating our own rituals, feel that we should go back and connect with nature, make new beliefs and open up our lives in this way. We are restoring our connection to mythos. We are going to peel off layers and layers, right to the entities that we really are, divine, but earthlings (at the moment).

If you let go of ideas of what life should look like and what you should behave like.. What does it look like? What dance do you dance?

I want to focus on endless possibilities, on fantasy and on how fantasy is real life.

I believe in… fairytales and magic right here in this reality.

This living Greenman statue was made by The Greenman Project.


jude said...

life is a dream

Dorien Ruben said...

It most definitely is! Let's make it lucid so we can make it a really beautiful one! :D