Thursday, April 4, 2013

You are so brave

When I tell people about the trip I want to make (and we are leaving next monday already) they tell me I'm so brave. Well, I am not. But telling the landlord that I am leaving just slipped out of my mouth. And getting boxes and putting my things into boxes wasn't that hard either.
So here we are, just a few little moments left before leaving and I am honestly one of my worst versions of me. I am tired, snappy and emotional. I am scared, excited and too tired to move at the same time. There is a little (quite some) more work to be done, before I can go and do all those exciting things I dreamt about.
"The magic happens when you leave your comfort zone…"
Well, I am moving way out of my comfort zone this time.. Bring it on! ;)


Viviana said...


Annie said...

veel succes en blijf in jezelf geloven!

ellen said...

go go girlllll !!!