Saturday, March 30, 2013

I don't have a home...

… and it feels good. Or should I say; I don't have a house. A lot of places can be home, maybe home is more of a state of mind.
Today we moved the last furniture and boxes with clothes and books (the only things I find difficult to get rid of) to three different places. It feels a bit surreal, but very good as well. I imagined it would feel a bit unsafe, but I don't feel that, at least not yet.
In the last week, the people that work at the thrift store saw me almost every day, bringing another bag of things and another and another. Everytime I felt happy and lighter leaving those old things behind.
This was the last load of boxes and things.. Doesn't it look cozy? :) My plants and my spinning wheel, also things I rather not part with for ever..

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