Monday, April 8, 2013

Travel adventures part 1

Last saturday we went to tipi and ger-camping M.O.M., a great last thing to do before leaving. I saw a lot of people dear to me.. I hope to spend some time of my estimated 5 months over there as well. It is a wonderfull place filled with good energy and love and I`m sure it will be even better in summer.

Sunday we intended to sleep in Maastricht so we could catch our ride, early the next day. We didn`t make it that far, because of trains not going and busses not being there. We didn`t mind at all, because we got to sleep at Harolds place. I never met him before but he is very kind and fun and has a beautiful house with big plants and glittery things! He even got up very early to bring us to the station.. Thank you so much, Harold!

Today we (Zdeno and me) had arranged a ride to Paris, from Maastricht. Here things didn't go exactly as planned either.. (Why do I even plan things anyway?) We were well underway when I got a call.
"Where are you? I am waiting for you in Maastricht!" By now, I am very confused.
"What do you mean? We are already in a car, we are not with you? Who are we with then?"
"You tell me..."
"Well, we asked him if he was our ride to Paris and he said yes..."
"Is it an african man?" "Yes."
"Oh right. Okey, bye" CLICK

So that is how we got to Paris, where we are now, drinking tea in the home of our very kind CouchSurf-host, who we haven`t met yet, because he is working late.
Byebye everyone, sleep well. I know we will.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha who was it, then?

Ellen said...

Wel eerst een wachtwoord vragen he. fijn dat je al een berichtje hebt gepost nu :-)

Dorien Ruben said...

I don`t know who he was, but he had some nice african music in the car :)