Thursday, November 8, 2012

Some days...

Some days are crisp and clear and buzzing with energy. Those are days for working hard and the process of creating. Things flow and things get done. I love those days.
Today is not such a day. I'm sure you'll recognise the feel of 'the other day'. The day that things feel more heavy and don't go as smooth as you would like them to go. I think this might be a day for working on yourself. It is a totally different kind of work. Not very valued in society nowadays (does this sound like I'm really old?)
I would like to appoint this day as a day for self-reflection. At least, for me.
I often feel like I don't have the time to stop running and look at myself, my problems and the things I still need to resolve. There is a studio waiting! I want to paint and sew and create! But that is totally in my control today. Today I'll take the less popular option. A day for self-work, navelgazing and trying to clear my energetic blockages.
How is your day?

I also have a little teaser for you today! A little cut-out of work in progress of the book by Ana Magdalena Zainea I'm working on. You'll have to do with bits and pieces, since I will not reveal any real images until the book is actually there!

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