Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Give it away!

Last week I wrote about giving things away, getting rid of tv and clutter. Today I saw a facebook-post by Leija Turunen about this very same subject. I wanted to share her 'facebook-link' because she inspires and touches me. She just throws happiness and love everywhere, at everyone and I admire that. And I think you would like some of that as well (can't ever have enough of that, right?)
It seems to be the thing nowadays to be sarcastic and matter-of-fact. Let's stop that and just try to be a little more openly happy and loving? That would be nice.
This is the link to her website: LeijaTurunen.com
And over here you can find her facebook page. I especially recommend taking a look at that one, because you can find her personal posts about what she is doing. Her messages are very useful, too. She talks about emotions and spirituality and health. This was the post I was talking about. She motivates everyone to get rid of your stuff !! Get rid of all that heavy extra weight!

Every now and then I come across images, messages or music that makes my heart skip extra. I thought I would share this one.
And to top it off, a very happy making mantra..

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