Sunday, November 11, 2012

Be ready to say "yes"

When I was still in art school, we visited Spain for a week. We stayed in a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere and felt like we were living like gods. We had a week of art, sunshine and nature. The people that actually lived there left the house for that week to let us have enough space.
They had a wonderful house with a garden that gave off this cozy, safe feeling of home. When I met the man that lived there, just before we had to leave, I complimented him on that garden. We got into a talk about permaculture, living consciously and the speeches and courses they gave at that house. They made orgonites too. I was excited. They did all these wonderful, inspiring things in this absolutely breathtaking environment.
We only had a conversation of about fifteen minutes, but in that fifteen minutes he managed to gift me an orgonite necklace and invite me over to come back. Why don't you come back here in summer and work and live with us, he said. He might have not said these exact words, since his knowledge of english was pretty basic (or less than basic). But when you are given an opportunity like that, you need to grab it by the balls. (Excuse my language.)

I went back to live with them for several weeks that summer. I learnt a lot about people and food and about myself and I gained ideas and inspiration that gave my life another push in the right direction.

I am convinced that, when you know what you want in life, you will get strange and wonderful opportunities like these thrown at you in order to make the things you want happen. And as a friend I met yesterday said; be ready to say YES!

I had such an opportunity thrown at me last weekend. It feels like I found the missing link. I have something I want, a dream I have for my future. I received a step into that direction in a way I couldn't have imagined. It is exciting and I am not going to tell you yet. I'll share more as it begins to take shape.

What is your dream and are you ready to say YES, right now?

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Anonymous said...

i say yes to dreaming :)