Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Working and mulching

Saturday was a very busy day..
We covered the space where next year a bigger permaculture garden will be laid. It is in a field close to a neighbourhood farm, with a tree in the middle. First we covered the grass with two layers of cardboard, then with a bit of manure and then with some straw. This mulch gives good food for the worms this autumn and winter. It also makes sure most of the grass and weeds die so we have a free and rich soil for the garden next year.
This is a very good alternative to plowing. You don't disturb the life in the ground too much this way and add new nutrients to the soil at the same time. (And there is less chance you'll hurt your back, too…)

It feels good to be actively working on something constructive like this. This garden will hopefully feed a lot of people next year, in a completely environmentally friendly way. ♥
For me this is really a time of actively working on the things I want to happen. All good things I want to appear in the world are being worked on right now.
If you happen to live near Zwolle and want to get your hands dirty, we are looking for more volunteers to help out. We'll be working there wednesday and thursday mornings when the next gardening season starts. (And you probably won't go home without some fresh vegetables..)

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