Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cleaning out our closet - energetically

This weekend we hosted another Babylon-themed workshop. This time it took place in Amersfoort, at the same location where we did the first Babel-event.. It was as wonderful as the first session, if not even better!


We do these days with a group of six, sometimes seven energy-weavers, energy constellation givers, frequency-tuners… I don’t even have the words to describe exactly what it is we all do. I do know my partners are very, very skilled at what they do (and I suppose so am I). As a result we get to work out enormous blockages the participants want to look at, and resolve them on a personal, but also a collective level. Making space for the heaven on Earth we all want. Especially themes that are related to Babylon. We see that a lot of things holding us back in the present time are actually developed (intentionally or not) and rooted in Babylon. For instance the system of money, impediments of language, power structures, deeply settled old emotions and traumas, etc.

This time the theme was relationships. Between men and women, between brothers, sisters and fathers, with the people that surround us… And our relationship with ourselves. A lot of the things still steering our lives come down to what we impose on ourselves, even without knowing. Many different variations of the theme relationships were touched and obstructions lifted. Wonderful stories were spun out and, without even getting into the mud and the drama, enlightened and lifted into higher frequency. There is no need for endless crying and feeling trough, figuring out of details and hard work. Things don’t need to be hard. We look at what is going on, we see what can be shifted (all can) and we make the components move so the energy is released and free to go wherever it pleases. Wherever the Divine pleases and wherever we please. After all, we are the creators!


This step of self-mastery was something I was allowed to work on, I recently wrote about belief-structures and how to mold it to your own liking. We have been taught a lot of things that hold us back now and don’t give us the experiences we want in this life. “Life is hard. There are some things you can’t change. You have to work hard. Money is hard to get. You have to be kind and helpful in order to receive love. I have to solve all these problems, and need to work hard at healing myself.” The list can go on and on.
These truths might have been true for the generations before us. Reality used to be much denser back then, but it is turning lighter every year now. From solid as a rock, our reality turns to clay now, we can learn how to mold it. When I speak about the fluidity of truths (there is no such thing as one solid truth), especially in groups, I encounter resistance. Even truths that are no fun at all, get defended! Maybe even louder when the truth is harsher to us. It can’t be that we have suffered all for nothing? The sheer possibility of bendable truths and an easier life brings up a burst of fear. It defends the structure that kept us safe, but also kept us miserable. See that these old beliefs and patterns where there to make you feel safe, they were there to help, but can retire now.


In a simple guided meditation I shared we were able to locate old truths we were ready to let go of, and release them. It was inspiring to hear the different themes and old beliefs the participants had encountered. A lot of them are rooted in the collective mind and we recognise them all. I think we might have loosened up these beliefs for the entire collective. Whenever you realise you can let go, it will be easier and easier to do so.

Tuesday 17 march I will host an evening dedicated entirely to that: letting go of limiting beliefs and relaxing, in order to have your divine self and inspiration take over. Everyone who wants to join is very welcome, it will be in Zwolle (the Netherlands) in shop and spiritual meeting place ‘Zusje van Licht’ (Sister of Light). I’m already looking forward to it, it’s such a pleasure to share this kind of relief. It makes life so much lighter and spiritual growing so much more effortless. I will also speak about Divine Openings, a very helpful ‘tool’ to quit searching, quit being hard on yourself and guiding you to let the mind ‘take the back seat’ and have your higher self take over.

We’ll be taking a little break from Babel-days now, to let it settle a bit and see what else will come up.. And of course, I will be traveling a while too. We might continue in a different form in a few months. If you want to stay up-to-date for upcoming events, go to and subscribe to the newsletter!

If you would like to know more about the event in Zusje van Licht, send me a message at dorienhannah [at]

Dorien Hannah


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