Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The end of a Relationship.. and the Start of New Relationship

Jan Pieter and I decided to stop our 'relationship'. For those who do not know us, we were together for more than a year and do some wonderful work together.

We strived hard to carry our way of being together out of the old ways. This relationship would have no contracts, no expectations or promises. Our love would be unconditional. No strings attached trough old patterns of pain, fear, guilt or shame. (Of course, while accepting that we are not 'perfect'.)
In every moment again we would choose to be together, or keeping distance if we preferred. We would not let our old fear of being alone dictate a pact of togetherness.

Every time a 'problem' would come up, we would look at its root and both take our own responsibility. In everything there is something from you that made it be. It is tempting to start carrying each others burdens and relief each others pains, but this does not fix or address these issues and creates dependency.
We grew together.
Each into our own strong space.

Only when we decided to 'be separate' we noticed how much we had still bound each other. The word 'relationship' restricted us in some way, emotionally and energetically, even while being so aware..
Deciding to be apart felt good, like a relief, even with so much love that we have for the other. We could immediately feel the energy change between us.

My mother somewhat teasingly accused us of running away from difficulties and not facing our difficulties and differences. It could look like that, and I know I had the tendency to run away, being somewhat damaged in receiving love, like a lot of us have been.
But on the contrary, I believe Jan Pieter and I are facing our issues more than ever. We let go of safety nets made up of relationship (even an 'open relationship') and look at our hurts of separation. All our hurts. I don't rely on him, I rely on my big I Am and I strengthen.

This might sound odd, but I feel this is a big step to integrate a new form of relationship. One that fits our ever higher-in-vibration reality. We are changing so fast.
A form of relationship where our past pains stemming from the illusion of separation don't dictate how we relate to eachother.
A form of relationship where there is no need for grabbing and holding on.
A form of relationship where all flows freely, in full trust in life and full responsibility, where we are truly empowered.

Stork nest

When you fully know life gives you all you need, there is no more need to hold on to something. You don't fear to lose anymore, there is always plenty. You trust. You create.
The joy of the other is your joy. Going inside and carrying yourself gives you full capability to grow and be the most genuine expression of Self you can be. You could always find someone to lean on if you wish, but you mostly choose to grow and not suppress and even share dense and heavy energies, like we were used to doing before.

I feel this is important.
I feel even if we aren't in a partnership, this applies to all of us. We may welcome a new way of relating to eachother now. A new way of communicating (if you haven't already). A step facilitating our en-masse enlightenment. (Yes, this is something we are on our way to, don't worry.)


In the book 'The Pleiadian Tantric Workbook' Amorah Quan Yin writes that distrust, control and lust-based sexuality are tools with which mankind can be controlled. The male/female split is the greatest source of separation and ego identity on Earth, she says. If we manage to rise above this, dissolve this issue, we dissolve our obstructions on the path to enlightenment.

So, this first step, that looks like going back to separation, could very well be the step necessary to erase our pains and illusions of separation. Then, grown to complete trust and responsible spiritual beings, we make space for the fake walls of separation to come crashing down. We can fully embody Oneness and live (and play) in it.

Now there is space to really live in oneness and love on Earth. The love that makes up all things. I can feel it resonating in my chest. It is enormous and carries us.


I don't want to ever restrict anyone again. I do not need to restrict any other being to be safe and completely fulfilled myself. I do wonder what relating to eachother will look like. What it will look like with having children. What new world we will shape. I look forward to it. Now is the time we write it.. very exciting!

Dear Jan Pieter, Aereon, I bow for you, thank you for reflecting all that love, for walking, learning and growing with me. You are as beautiful as creation.
I feel happy to experience Earth with you, along with all those other beautiful expressions of Source. A big hug and kiss! :)

Jan Pieter and Dorien Hannah

And to all other amazing expressions of Love that read this…
I would be very happy to hear what you think. What are your ideas, opinions, creations concerning this? How do you deal with the transforming vibration and transforming shapes of relationships?
Leave a comment, let me know how you are..

With love,
Dorien Hannah

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Cleaning out our closet - energetically

This weekend we hosted another Babylon-themed workshop. This time it took place in Amersfoort, at the same location where we did the first Babel-event.. It was as wonderful as the first session, if not even better!


We do these days with a group of six, sometimes seven energy-weavers, energy constellation givers, frequency-tuners… I don’t even have the words to describe exactly what it is we all do. I do know my partners are very, very skilled at what they do (and I suppose so am I). As a result we get to work out enormous blockages the participants want to look at, and resolve them on a personal, but also a collective level. Making space for the heaven on Earth we all want. Especially themes that are related to Babylon. We see that a lot of things holding us back in the present time are actually developed (intentionally or not) and rooted in Babylon. For instance the system of money, impediments of language, power structures, deeply settled old emotions and traumas, etc.

This time the theme was relationships. Between men and women, between brothers, sisters and fathers, with the people that surround us… And our relationship with ourselves. A lot of the things still steering our lives come down to what we impose on ourselves, even without knowing. Many different variations of the theme relationships were touched and obstructions lifted. Wonderful stories were spun out and, without even getting into the mud and the drama, enlightened and lifted into higher frequency. There is no need for endless crying and feeling trough, figuring out of details and hard work. Things don’t need to be hard. We look at what is going on, we see what can be shifted (all can) and we make the components move so the energy is released and free to go wherever it pleases. Wherever the Divine pleases and wherever we please. After all, we are the creators!


This step of self-mastery was something I was allowed to work on, I recently wrote about belief-structures and how to mold it to your own liking. We have been taught a lot of things that hold us back now and don’t give us the experiences we want in this life. “Life is hard. There are some things you can’t change. You have to work hard. Money is hard to get. You have to be kind and helpful in order to receive love. I have to solve all these problems, and need to work hard at healing myself.” The list can go on and on.
These truths might have been true for the generations before us. Reality used to be much denser back then, but it is turning lighter every year now. From solid as a rock, our reality turns to clay now, we can learn how to mold it. When I speak about the fluidity of truths (there is no such thing as one solid truth), especially in groups, I encounter resistance. Even truths that are no fun at all, get defended! Maybe even louder when the truth is harsher to us. It can’t be that we have suffered all for nothing? The sheer possibility of bendable truths and an easier life brings up a burst of fear. It defends the structure that kept us safe, but also kept us miserable. See that these old beliefs and patterns where there to make you feel safe, they were there to help, but can retire now.


In a simple guided meditation I shared we were able to locate old truths we were ready to let go of, and release them. It was inspiring to hear the different themes and old beliefs the participants had encountered. A lot of them are rooted in the collective mind and we recognise them all. I think we might have loosened up these beliefs for the entire collective. Whenever you realise you can let go, it will be easier and easier to do so.

Tuesday 17 march I will host an evening dedicated entirely to that: letting go of limiting beliefs and relaxing, in order to have your divine self and inspiration take over. Everyone who wants to join is very welcome, it will be in Zwolle (the Netherlands) in shop and spiritual meeting place ‘Zusje van Licht’ (Sister of Light). I’m already looking forward to it, it’s such a pleasure to share this kind of relief. It makes life so much lighter and spiritual growing so much more effortless. I will also speak about Divine Openings, a very helpful ‘tool’ to quit searching, quit being hard on yourself and guiding you to let the mind ‘take the back seat’ and have your higher self take over.

We’ll be taking a little break from Babel-days now, to let it settle a bit and see what else will come up.. And of course, I will be traveling a while too. We might continue in a different form in a few months. If you want to stay up-to-date for upcoming events, go to Tzolkinportal.com and subscribe to the newsletter!

If you would like to know more about the event in Zusje van Licht, send me a message at dorienhannah [at] gmail.com.

Dorien Hannah


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Take creation and manifestation firmly into your own hands

You are the master creator of your world. With your thoughts, actions, emotions, and most especially with the magnetic field surrounding you, you alter and shape everything. It is very important to be aware of the power you actually have.
In this time, most of us still struggle with how to exactly steer our force of creation (or don’t even believe in it at all). A lot of belief patterns and things hiding in our subconscious steer our reality and create things and events we don’t want.
How can we deal with this? How does it work?

Draw new beliefs

I think in the first place, it can be very beneficial to fully acknowledge your power. To do this, take responsibility for everything. This can be very hard, but trying to take it lightly will make it easier. Take credit for the amazing surroundings you find yourself in and for the wonderful people you meet that inspire you. Take credit for the money you made, the food you prepare and anything you have ever physically created. Anything nice you can think of.. you created that!
I am a firm believer of the principle of Oneness, and leading to that the idea that we are all God, connected.
It might seem a bit too big to consider yourself a God, but this might help:
it is no problem to see yourself as a magnificently wonderful, powerful and special being, as long as you see, at the same time, that everyone around you is as well!
I think I heard Tom Kaypacha Lescher say this.. (If you don’t know him, check out his youtube videos on astrology. I love the way he is able to laugh about everything, he is king in not taking things too seriously.)

While you are at it, also take responsibility, without judging it, for all the things you would consider ‘negative’. Wars, disease, someone in your vicinity you don’t particularly like, things you think are ugly or broken. This is not to show yourself what horrible things you create, but how powerful you are! Well done!
These outside things are indicators of processes within yourself. These outside things are a manifestation of emotions and beliefs hiding away in your system, pretending to be you.
Now this is not a problem. Look at it, and see how it feels to take it in. Everything that moves you emotionally, in any way, is moving vibrationally and therefore changing. This is actually presenting itself as a gift, it can now go up in vibration. You don’t have to work at all to transform anything! It is programmed to do so by itself, if you just let it be. Be thankful, if you can, to everything; the nice things and not so nice feeling things. They came to you to protect and serve you, they just forgot to leave in time. Thank you and goodbye!

Dream up your world

The second thing to look at is your frame of perception. The things you believe, consciously or subconsciously. The beliefs I speak about can be regarding any topic.. What God is like, what your purpose is in life and wether you like to eat spinach or not.
Without overthinking it, you adopted endless beliefs from your parents. They made up your world when you were a child, so it is natural that their frame of perception also became yours. In this way, they still dictate the world looks to you right now, what your reality is like.

Let’s now become aware that all the beliefs that we live by are not solid truths. There is no such thing as one true truth. Everything there is to believe in is optional!

This gives us space to take matters into our own hands. Identify which beliefs you have that no longer serve you.

For instance: "I must work very hard, otherwise I don’t deserve abundance. My right to exist comes from how helpful I am. Money is hard to come by. Life is for learning lessons, it is not supposed to be easy. Life is a struggle. I need to have a paid job in order to be a worthy human being."
Some of these beliefs are harder to pinpoint than others, but just start with the ones that you can think of and see what beliefs are at the core of your biggest blockages right now. Now throw them out. Tell them you do not believe in them any more.
It might be as easy as that, or a bit slower. A lot of beliefs we have lived with our whole life, so they can be persistent. Also throwing out an old limiting belief that gave you a feeling of purpose can be scary to ditch. It leaves an emptyness, but just know that some beliefs can create the illusion of safety. It doesn’t help you at all, but it feels safer to keep than to let go of. Let it go and have it make space for something truly supportive and nourishing! Maybe even something fun.

Sun-lit forest

Now here comes the fun part. After throwing out the things you don’t like, you have the space to create your own beliefs. Create new beliefs to live by that completely fit to your needs and give you what you want. Some might take a bit longer to get used to and truly believe and integrate, and some are easier and will start shaping your life in a new way within no time.
For instance, you can create a new relationship with God. Have a God that listens to you always, is friendly, fun and warm and gives you advice and inspiration whenever you ask for it. Believe that life is for ejoying the experience of being here on Earth, instead of having to do things or having to work hard and learn lessons. That you are of value, whatever you do. Maybe you would like to create that belief that you really like to eat spinach, when until now you believed you didn’t. It can be anything.
Create a belief system that gives you the space to enjoy living on Earth as much as you can, let go of problems and difficulties. Create beliefs that support and nourish you and that make your life fun!

The Magical Life

Like I said, some things can take some time to integrate. There are a lot of people that want to convince you of their truths and some that would even like you to suffer along with theirs. You don’t have to go along with that, of course. And then there is your mind that is used to certain ways of thinking. Look at it as adopting new habits, they take some time to become normal.
I must admit that this is something changing and reshaping slowly in my life too. I haven’t fully mastered manifestating (I don’t think many have), it is an ongoing game.

(I am now working towards releasing the old belief that dying is absolutely necessary. I believe I will live to be at least 140 years old, maybe by that time I’ll decide to stay on the Earthly plane for even longer.)

Good luck and have fun with this, dear you! ☺
Please let me know if you have any questions about this. I will be more than happy to answer them.

Lots of love,
Dorien Hannah

(This post is an elaboration on my writing in the latest newsletter sent out by Tzolkin Portal.. If you came here trough the newsletter.. Welcome!!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

New travel plans!
and some shared travel inspiration to get you going too!

It has already been 1½ years ago since my last travel (unless you count a trip of two weeks trough Germany and France). I had settled down again, worked in my studio, have a job, a boyfriend and a lot of things to do on the side. Now it is time for me to get going again.
I miss to be surrounded by nature and being outside a lot. Sunshine! Forests! Ah and interesting work and people… New things to learn and new things to see. So here I go, I’ll leave somewhere in march.

Walking in nature :)

Making plans is exciting and intimidating at the same time. There are endless possibilities of where you could go and what you could do. It all depends on how far your imagination can stretch and how far you are willing to step out of your comfort zone. But then, if you try, it all doesn’t seem to be so scary anymore. (For now, some things are..)
I must admit. My adventures until now seemed pretty interesting and exciting and not so ordinary to a lot of people, but really, I am a traveling novice. I feel like a nomad-in-training at the moment.

Hitchhiking to Toulouse

So now I'm gathering information and ideas.. on where to go and how. I’ll put some useful links on the bottom of this post, if you’re interested. There are so many possibilities, it’s mind-boggling. (Maybe I’ll do an entire post with alternative travel-resources I gathered, later..)
First I'll head to Toulouse by very cheap bus, I intend stay there for a bit to see the city. Toulouse and I haven’t been introduced properly, to say the least. From there I’ll go on towards Santander. In that area I’ll go to the Donkey Paradise, where I will work as a volunteer for at least a month.

I am very much looking forward to that. I had some wonderful encounters with donkeys and beautiful donkey-travel-stories on my last trip. I met at least two people who had traveled by foot, with a donkey. That must be a wonderful, calm way of traveling. I got to meet some very kind donkeys too. They have something so gentle about them. Creatures that seem to be bursting with love-energy, or maybe that is just how I feel when I have contact with them. I’m really curious to see how it will be in real life, learning to work with donkeys and help out on this project. And after that there are some possibilities lined up for what I could do next, but it’s all open. The main thing I’m looking forward to is getting there, being there. Being in the moment and experiencing in the moment. Exactly what I am doing here, just with more donkeys, nature and if possible, more sun.

(This picture I borrowed from Donkey Paradise.. Check out their website here.)

Now.. Let’s share some of the travel-inspiration with you!

Here a great blog of the backpacker intern: http://thebackpackerintern.com
A dutch guy who made a video about how he wanted to exchange his work for food and a place to stay, got bucketloads of job offers and traveled all around the world.

For the dutchies reading this blog: http://vrouwopreis.nl
I really like this one, as it’s a girl about my age traveling alone too. She shows what it can be like (and how not-scary it actually is) and gives tips and tricks.. How much do I need to pack? What places are great to visit? Etc..

100 things learnt on the road:
A nice, quick list to read and start wanting to go and pack your bag right now!

Hitchhiking.. how does it work?
Hitchwiki: http://hitchwiki.org
A great resource if you want to go hitchhiking. Find out what works best in what country and what rules you need to know. Also there is a world map where fellow hitchhikers share the spots they tried and wether it was any good or not.

Some short films to boost your travel-inspiration:
3 years of travel in 3 minutes:

My travels wouldn’t look like this, as I’m into other kinds of parties and experiences mostly, but the view on life and freedom is great!

‘Lift’, a 10 minute hitchhiking documentary:

Very inspiring if you’re not familiar with hitchhiking yet, are just starting out or if you are a worrying mother who thinks there are many bad, scary people out on the road.

Then for cheap buses:
www.megabus.com (very, very cheap, but probably very uncomfortable..)
www.eurolines.com (also great, a bit less cheap..)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What we need to be aware of - Charlie Hebdo


Concerning the last dramatic events in France, that started with the shooting at Charlie Hebdo…
I would like to shed a different light on the things that happened and especially the enormous reaction from media and a lot of people on social media.

Of course, let me begin by saying I do not disrespect those that have died or the people grieving over them. It must be a terrible loss. Also, I don't want to speak about freedom of speech, a main theme that seems to be in discussion right now. It is not the most important thing to be viewed here, in my opinion.

Here and there I read some messages and articles debating wether the incidents were really done by IS or which ever group of terrorists, or wether they were staged by a higher power. Fear is a great tool to make people give away their power. No matter what you believe yourself and no matter for what political purpose these events were meant for, realise that this does create fear and anger.

We have seen what focus can do, especially a large group of people focussing on one particular thing. For example the tests done of the uplifting effect for an area where a group-meditation takes place.
Or, on a smaller scale; see how many nice things you encounter on your way if you firmly hold your focus on the positive. And now, try it backwards. Focus on all the things that go wrong and could go wrong, make your cup half-full (or rather not try this too much at all).

I must say I don't know of any specific researches I could link to you, but focus is pretty commonly used to achieve a goal. For example; meditation, prayer, or several kinds of magic/witchcraft.
I haven't read it myself, but a lot of people refer to 'The Secret'.

For the people that are more aware of where they are on the spiritual path, you know we are all growing. We are on the path to mass-enlightenment, some of you can already see it more clearly than others. Most probably, you see more and more 'coincidences' happening. You notice that your magnetising or manifesting-strength has grown and the things you ask for and focus on come to you quicker.
This comes with a responsibility!

A thing that has caught my attention in the Charlie-madness, among the many creative responses to the event, was the protests and gatherings. I came across a map of the Netherlands, with all places marked where a Hebdo-remembrance kind of event would take place. It was completely full. Mayors speeching, candles and party-tents.
Now imagine all those people, gathering and en-masse focussing on terror, death, drama and oppression, and maybe anger pointed at the Islam. Imagine what horror that would attract.
Of course, the focus is also on freedom of speech, but see the importance of in what way this is done. The focus here is mostly on the lack of freedom of speech or the oppressors of freedom of speech, not on the growing of the freedom itself. It is not a positive focus, and that would be very hard to do here.

If you look at this from a perspective of awareness on what you 'magnetise', these (the gatherings and the many messages on the internet) are mass-prayers to attract terror and fear.

In order to truly empower ourselves, I think we should inform ourself, feel the fear/sadness/whatever emotion, so we know what we can remove/lift up, in whichever way you like to do this. (Fully feel it so it lifts, do EFT, visualisation, whatever healing method you use..) Then make sure you don't attach to the fear and sadness and terror, let it pass by. Do not magnify it, pass it on on twitter or facebook.
Stay in your space of love. (Even if you feel bad, take yourself in, be compassionate.) Stay positive.

Take up your pencil and create the world your heart desires. It is our responsibility.


Much love,
Dorien Hannah