Monday, June 2, 2014

Manifesting like a crazy person


I don’t know exactly what it was, but since that Divine Opening I have been manifesting like a crazy person. (I don’t know if that is a ‘thing’ to say, “manifesting like a crazy person”, but I like it.) I like it a lot!

I had been having some problems with things stagnating, money not flowing in, etc.
I made a very clear to-manifest list. I want to have at least this amount of money coming in, I want to pay off this and this amount of money that I had borrowed, I want a nice appartment and in the meantime, I would like this house to get clean and organised. Hello Universe! I want this!
As always, I felt a bit like I was asking too much. More and more I convinced myself that I deserved nice things as well. And actually, these things I wished for were pretty basic.
Well.. I almost can’t believe it, but I ticked off every thing on this list, in some way…

· Money – yep.
· Paying things off. – yep. Done!
· House clean – yes! I don’t know where I got that energy from?
· Appartment - …..

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… an appartment. The day after I received that first Divine Opening from Marleen, I came across a message where a house- and cat-sitter was asked. I sent her a message immediately. The day after we had a chat on the phone. Everything feels good to both of us, so… Appartment? Check. At least for two weeks. A really nice one (I think), including a sweet cat to take care of, located surrounded by nature. Check!
I am loving this new flow I seem to be in!

I will be using this opportunity to relax, spend time in nature and paint… Painting outside has been on my wishlist for a while. I have this idea that just has to be transferred to paints and paper. We’ll see!

Let’s see what I’ll put on my next to-manifest list…
A house, all for myself, I think.. I feel like that one is already on it’s way.

So.. tell me, what is on your wish-list? Just put it in the comments, let us send a reminder to ourselves and the Universe that… hello! I would like to receive this and this!

Again I’ll put a link to Marleens site and . I can recommend receiving a Divine Opening yourself. Find Marleen here.

Oh, and did I tell you why I like the photo I added so much? If you look real closely you'll see a ladybug peeping out from underneath a leaf. Life has little jokes and winks like these. Hidden treasures.
I begin to uncover and discover these treasures by keeping track of the things that happen. For example; the things on my wish-list and the things that come true from my wishlist.
Or the little gifts, like: "amount of ice-cream eaten today"… "Amount of bunnies seen from the train window while traveling"...

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