Friday, November 1, 2013

On my desk...

One month has passed since I came back to my workspace and there is lots and lots going on… Let me share some of the things that are on my desk right now.

Little baggies for a little crystal shop. In these, the stones will go home with their new caretakers. These are made out of an old La Fontaine book. I wonder what little bits of 'just right' text the people that receive them will discover.

I made this piece of embroidery after a stay in the Ardennes. Ahh.. all those trees and the beautiful moss there!
While I am waiting for a new batch of printed ladybird-fabric (still another two to three weeks, I'm afraid..) I am making a small series of these. These will also be turned into pretty zippered pouches.
What do you think?


De Blije Werelt said...

I think they are lovely, like all the tiny things you make.

Dorien Ruben said...

Thank you, BlijeWerelt! :)