Wednesday, October 23, 2013

About the ladybugs in my hair

About two and a half years ago I found myself lying on the floor in a tipi. We were going to do a trance journey.
"A trance journey, what is this?" I imagine you might ask.
I asked this very same question.

With a trance journey you enter a different mind state, in this case aided by the sound and vibration of four drums. You relax and are guided to enter a dreamlike reality, to go trough a portal in order to explore and find whatever it is you need to find. In this case, I wanted to meet my 'power animal'. This animal is with you, like a spirit guide and can protect and help you.

But how do I get into this world? Is it my imagination? But what I think isn't real, is it? I don't know how to do a trance journey! I am not experienced!
- Don't try to make anything up, they said. Just let it happen to you on its own. And don't think that the things in your mind are any less real than the things in the outside world.

I closed my eyes and felt the monotone heartbeat-rythm of the drums. Then, I was standing in the middle of a field. It was coloured golden-yellow by the sun. It was as easy as reading a book and seeing the pictures in your head. I saw a gate made of branches woven together, with flowers in it. I walked trough to start my journey. The trip that followed was so beautiful… I have been trying to draw and paint images of it, in order to share it with everyone, but it is hard to capture that reality into this one.

After a wonderful walk trough the forest, a swim trough another sort of portal-well and a ride on the back of a friendly horse, I discovered that the animal I was looking for was already with me. I heard a sort of giggling and discovered there was a swarm of little creatures in my hair, flying and crawling and dancing about. Ladybugs.
I think I laughed out loud on the floor in that tipi, because I hadn't expected this. I realised that it could not have been any other animal than those silly, happy ladybugs. I had been thinking about ladybugs for months, for no apparent reason. I had been drawing and painting them. (Did you know that when ladybugs lay eggs, they lay them out in a neat line?)
So there they are.. In my hair.

Ladybugs stand for transformation, growth, manifestation of thoughts and ideas, protective, defensive, social and charming… And of course, they represent good fortune.

You don't have to carry around ladybugs in your hair in order to have them help you on your way. Just ask.
I made ladybug-pouches so you can have a ladybug-guardian for your treasures as well. Maybe to keep chrystals and stones or other precious things?


Ellen ten Cate said...

I liked your story very much... I would like one of these ladybug pouches...

Barbara Romijn said...

I loved reading your blog! How can I order a ladybug pouche? Grts Barbara

Dorien Ruben said...

Hello Ellen and Barbara! Thank you both so much! These pouches are for sale at Blauwdruck, in the center in Zwolle. ( )
If you don't happen to live near Zwolle.. I will make new ones in two weeks, when I receive new printed fabric..
Just let me know and I'll reserve one for you! :)

Amber said...

I love that ladybugs are your power animal. I am always happy when I happen to see a little ladybug. The ladybug pouches you made are pretty!

sharon young said...

What a wonderful account of your journey, I've always wondered what it would be like to do something like this, I have a son in law who did something similar.
We call them ladybirds in the UK and most people think they're cute, but I didn't know anything about them.

Dorien Ruben said...

Thank you Amber and Sharon! :)
I thought it was a wonderful experience, but it works out differently for everyone.

Ah, ladyBIRD! That is actually a much prettier word! Someone told me something new about ladybirds today actually.. Did you know they have a kind of inner radar, with which they can sense the energy of their surroundings? With this they feel out in what direction they want to go and where they want to hide for the winter..