Monday, November 18, 2013

Love and Fukushima ♥

This is going to be an unusual message from me, I suppose. Fukushima has been on my mind a lot the last week. There are big things happening there at the moment that could impact all of us.

Radiation has been leaking from Fukushima for a long while now. Today they will start working to remove fuel assemblies from Unit 4 of the plant. (Short message about that here..)
My motive for talking about the goings on of Fukushima is not to vent anger or fear, or spread any fear. Actually it is quite the opposite. I want everyone to be aware of the big things happening in the world and emphasise the importance of not letting fear get a hold of you, nor ignoring this news, but be reminded of the strength of love.

WHAT?! We are talking about Fukushima and leaking radiation and you are whipping out LOVE?
Yes, Love. Love is not just some hobby or an emotion to have, love is bigger. But I will let someone else do the explaining for me.. Please take the time to watch this video. I think it has a very important message and it is well worth your time.
This is a video by Kiesha Crowther (or: Little Grandmother). She will explain how with love you can stop feeling powerless and actively do something to protect yourself, protect others and even help the Fukushima area.

Together with a friend I am working on a project to share this knowledge (how to protect yourself using chrystals), as well as quartz chrystals with as many people as possible. This information should be understandable and useable even to those less accustomed to 'alternative healing' and meditation.
88 chrystals are already selected for this purpose and waiting to go on their way!

If you are meditating and would like to join your energy with a big group… There are meditations going on simultaneously 10 am and pm every day, UTC +1.

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