Monday, July 22, 2013

Being educated by life

During my time without a house I have learnt so many things and made so many steps in my spiritual awakening.. I feel like this being open to whatever life brings me, brings me more than any school I know could have taught me.
I said I would be off 'traveling', but I think this is more a time I would describe as 'being free and open to whatever needs to come to me'. I try to be as open as I can and dare. In the last months there have been many moments when I was astounded of the situations I found myself in, the beautiful and interesting people I got to meet, the experiences I got to experience and the lessons I got to learn. Life amazes me.

If I could give others a tip on how to be more open to such experiences too, I would say this:
* Create space for these experiences to come to you.. I did this by quitting my rent and my job and deciding I would be 'traveling' for the next five months. This can probably be done in a smaller way too, by setting a period of time with absolutely nothing planned and the freedom to go wherever you'll need to go.
* Feel what you want and what your intuition tells you. If you feel inclined to go to some place, event, meet someone or do something, DO IT NOW. I have noticed that if I do this I get into this 'flow' where new opportunities are thrown at me and I get everything I need at that moment. Everything works out perfectly. It is a very interesting experiment and I have gotten so much out of it.

Thinking about all the things that I received, learned, experienced so far makes me feel humble and deeply thankful.


Lisette said...

I think i will write in english.. Nice to read, dorien! I just read the 'articles' you posted on facebook about full moon this month. I'm in thailand right now, i will be there for a month and in two days i will experience a full moon party at this island. Me and my friend (you spoke to her at my birthday) are both aquarius and i read a lot about this in the stories. I think i'm experiencing a little bit of what you've experienced, in a smaller way. And i recognise the part of 'not feeling at home'. We had hostels, but every first night i had a bit of an empty feeling. But every time it turned out to be a great place and environment with a lot of great, new people. I'm glad to hear that you've learned so much from this!! X

Dorien Ruben said...

Thank you Lisette! :) Great that you are experiencing a bit of the same thing! It seems like we are always a bit similar in the topics we are interested in and the things we are experiencing in life, funny! I like to know how it works for you..
The not feeling at home part.. it always takes a bit of time for me too to adjust to a new place and situation. I guess that is normal. It takes me some time to fully arrive in a place after traveling too..
I hope you have a great time in Thailand Lisette! I hope it's full of nice surprises.. And enjoy the moon party!