Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Manifesting what you want

Or: manifesting what you decide you want. During my travels up until now, I again noticed how important it is to know what exactly it is you want and to be really clear about it. Before I left to go to France I decided what my main goals were for traveling and what I hoped would happen..
And you know what? Everything I wanted happened, in a way I could never have thought of. One of the things I decided was that I wanted my trip to 'flow' naturally, not plan anything too far ahead.

My trip indeed did 'flow' where it wanted to.. Just before I arrived at the Pilgrims Nest I met Thomas in his orange bus. He lives in his bus and spends his time in the south of France, Spain and Morocco. He gave us a ride. I already mentioned my time in the Nest was short..
Somehow he felt familiar to me and we connected. I strongly felt I should maybe travel with him for a while, but stopped thinking about the idea, because it sounded strange. Asking a stranger to travel together is not something I am familiar with.

When we met again at the market in Esperaza however, the idea didn't seem so strange anymore. We did not feel like strangers at all and the idea to spend some days together going with the bus seemed natural. So two days later he came to pick me up from the Pilgrims Nest…
I had a wonderful time and I learnt many, many new things from his way of life. We visited the hot springs in the mountains and while we had shitty weather, we could have a hot bath in the morning, out in nature. It is one of the most beautiful things I have experienced, being naked outside in the forest, watching over the mountains and having a warm, relaxing bath at the same time.

(We made tea by filling a glass bottle with water and adding some herbs that grew on our way to the springs. Then let the bottle warm up at the top of the spring, where it is the hottest.) We didn't have a 'house' or a toilet, but I felt like the richest person in the world..


sharon young said...

Your post resonated completely with me, as a fellow traveller for most of my adult life, all be it intermittent I know just how inspiring it is to meet others with wonderful stories to tell. My husband and I have had VW campers and motor homes for 40 years and our love of France in particular never disappoints.
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts.

Dorien Ruben said...

Thank you, Sharon! :) I couldn't have imagined there was so much to discover in France.. I thought I would travel to many different places, but even now I am not finished with France.. :) I would love to hear some of your wonderful stories of synchronicity! :)