Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The riches of youtube

With this cold and dark weather I rather not go outside, so here some ideas to get your daily dose of inspiration without having to leave your room; the riches of YouTube! And I am not talking about cat-video's or those super-cute video's of sloths eating bananas. I am talking about 'vloggers'.
At first I really had to get used to just watching people talk on a video, but there are some great people on there with very useful and inspiring things to say. Here some of my favourites;

* Leija Turunen! She is a bit crazy and super-enthousiastic, but absolutely in a good way.. Her view and ideas on life are so helpful and her videos make me smile every single time. She talks about everyday spirituality.
* GrowingYourGreens is of course about growing greens, having a vegetable garden or even an indoor garden. It isn't really outside-gardening time yet, but now is a good time to make plans and get some new gardening-ideas. John is a great online teacher and his enthusiasm is contagious too.
* Veronika Krestow is a 'transformational coach' and I think a very good one. Her short videos are nice to look at in between things.. Her voice is calm and nice to listen to and the things she talks about are very useful and smart.
* For those of you that do yoga; Yoga Today is a great channel. They upload short yoga session instructions, so you can practise your yoga at home and still have some guidance from a teacher. No need to go outside anymore! ;) Yogayak has some nice longer sessions..

Please share your YouTube riches with us!

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