Monday, January 7, 2013

'Insert theme for 2013 here'

Hello everyone! I realised I have been writing along like nothing happened and I didn't even think of wishing you all a wonderfull new year! (Maybe because we have been sliding in time so smoothly..)
So here it goes; I wish you all together and individually a super amazing wonderful year with good times with friends and alone with yourself, with exciting new projects and succesful old projects. I hope our exciting ideas of last year will shape this year and become reality. I am sure we are going to create some fantastic things and memories.

I didn't make new years' resolutions or specific goals for one-year-long-projects, like I did last year (which I didn't stick to, of course). This year, I plan to go on like I have been going; living and creating out of the heart and taking on whatever exciting, fun and passion-filled thing comes to me. It seemed to work out rather fantastically.
Do you have plans for this year? Resolutions or goals?

I wish you lots of love..

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