Thursday, October 18, 2012

Resolving unresolved and celebrating tears..

I have thought about wether to share this or not, but I like honesty and I figured this is part of my work process too. I like to think of my life and my visual work as entwined.
The problem with 'putting things behind you' is that unresolved things are never left behind. They linger somewhere in your body and wait for you to bump into them. Mine wait in my upper chest and creep up my throat.
When I was younger I had crying fits very often. Lately those has been coming back and since my yoga teacher told me those are precious and should be celebrated, I celebrate them. Tears are a sign of things dissolving, she says. They do deserve attention after all that 'putting behind me'. I find things that need to be felt and resolved.

Where do your unresolved things hide? Can you feel them?


Annie Bodelier said...

herkenbaar Dorien...
Laat maar lekker gaan hoor. Mijn dochter heeft voor deze momenten "huil-films" op voorraad. Plaatsvervangend snotteren als het ware. Maar 't helpt wel!
knuffel, Annie

Bart Renaer said...

Hey Dorien,
thanks for your vulnerability...
It's allready 8 years that my body aches, cries, sleeps a lot, and so on...
For me it's all old pain that uses the new energy (linked with 21th december 2012) to resolve.
I'm grateful that my physical body gets this opportunity.
Yours sincerely,

Dorien Ruben said...

Thank you both for your comments!