Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The contents of a fridge that is not mine

After several very clear signs of my body to TAKE A BREAK.. NOW! I decided to take two weeks off. Next week will be spent with friends in a house in the Ardennes. There will be lots of drawing and painting.. This week I decided to visit my parents for a few days.

I love to be here with my parents, as I don't see them very often, but I find it hard to not be in my own world. Our discussions on politics get very heated and in the fridge biological food is nowhere to be found. In the evening, we watch television together. I rarely watch tv anymore and now the regular news broadcast just makes me sad or angry. I see how they present stories from just one angle and neglect to present the full truth.
(Yesterday there was a news item on how we need the bio-industry, since biological farming doesn't produce as much meat. The argument that we can't carry on eating as much meat as we do, was responded to with "we just aren't going to eat less meat so that is just not going to happen." Nothing about how we are going to need three 'earths' if we keep eating the way we do.)
I very much see this as an old way of living. I get confronted with ideas and habits I tossed long ago. I need to accept that my parents just live differently than I do. I have to learn not to judge others, as I believe everyone has their own path.

So I'll try to ignore the news and the content of the fridge, not talk about politics too often, relax and just do some knitting. Hoorah, knitting! :)

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