Thursday, April 26, 2012

Living: how to do it

In the first week of july we will have our graduation exhibition. (You are all invited.) This makes for a lot of stress and worrying. Will my work be good enough? How can I finish everything in time? What will I do afterwards? How will I make money?

Today I read a blog post by Atalwin Pilon, the man from 'Basic Goodness'. I'm going to link it on here, because it is simple and important. He was talking about how we stress so much about the meaning of life and what to do with it, we have so many troubles and fears that we forget to actually live. Go on, read it!

So I decided I would do some living today. There is a beautiful park near where I live. I never go there, because it doesn't seem useful to me, I have lots of things to do. (Can you see how stupid that is?)
This morning I didn't do anything 'useful' (or did I?) I went for a stroll trough the park for some breathing, watching and thinking.

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