Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Small update: gaining momentum

I've been back from house-sitting for a while now, but haven't been calm and clear enough to write anything. My days have been chaotic and nice and not nice. In the up and down flow of life, my life had been very UP, and now for a while had been a bit more down.
Before you start to feel pity for me or think I'm being dramatic: it is all a good thing. The going up and down and up and down belongs and I think my ups have become more up and my downs have become different, less down.
I accept that life goes the way it goes, up and down and up. It is how we gain momentum.

My stay in the forest has been refreshing and wonderful. Now I long even more to live in nature, closer to the forest.
Here a picture I took on one of my many walks, to give you a little taste...

The sheep-path
I would also like to give you a taste on what is going on in my studio. I have been slow, unfortunately, but the magic has not.
I finished the first few illustrations for 'Het meisje dat lang haar wilde' ('The girl that wanted long hair'), written by DaniĆ«l Doornbos. I'm very happy with how they turned out… Here a first peek for all of you..

Peek 1Peek 3Peek 2

There will be more peeks soon, as there are other nice projects just waiting to have their last bits finished and refined. And there might be more travelling, maybe even in the next week. I'm deciding what it will look like, if the outside will be more tempting than my studio work… We'll see.

"How long have you been doing this," I asked the spider that was weaving his web. "For eight now," he said.

Dorien Hannah

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