Thursday, May 15, 2014

Workshop with one participant

My treasure chest

Yesterday I hosted an embroidery workshop. I felt really good about it, because I could give it at Ana Sofia, a very nice spiritual inspiration shop where the energy feels just overall GOOD. The catch was: I had just one participant.

At first I thought.. maybe I should cancel this workshop. There is a small chance more people will join, but most likely I will have to pay extra to give this workshop, instead of receiving for my work. But I felt not to. I wanted to do this workshop anyway.
And it was well worth it.

It's always a surprise what happens on events like these. Doing mandala embroidery is always so much more than just learning to make neat stitches. I consciously choose not to be a crafts teacher, I want to learn people how to do it, but I also want to be able to share that this means so much more. Embroidery is a tradition, it can connect us to our ancestors and their shared wisdom. Embroidery can be powerful. Yes, I said that.
Powerful? Yes. You get to actually stitch your intentions onto fabric in the material world and keep them with you to make you shine stronger.

Yesterday was the first time I added a guided meditation to the workshop, so I could give more insight to what is connected to this craft and let you feel what it can give. And it was so well received. I am so thankful.
Thank you Ana Sofia, for creating the space, thank you participant for being there and receiving and thank you Universe!

So… Who is in for the next round?

Mandala brooch made by Hettie

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