Monday, April 28, 2014

Not eating.


I’m now a week back from fasting for a week. Juice-fasting to be more precise. Or to be honest, I should call it juice-/smoothie-fasting, because we didn’t have a juicer at hand.
I am so surprised how little I need to feel satisfied. And with satisfied I don’t mean the full fealing after a meal, I mean the feeling that your body is not asking for more, that you feel healthy and have taken the nutrients your body asked you for. Ohh and we had some really, really good juices and smoothies.

Normally I would panic a bit when there is no food in the house and the stores are closed. Now I know there is no need for that. I’ll be just fine without pasta/rice/vegetables and sauce.
It seemed very fitting to be fasting at easter/the full moon eclipse. Detoxing from physical junk, but also energetic and emotional junk. I had my boyfriend guiding me trough the week a bit, as he has done this several times before and let me tell you, there were quite some relationship-detoxes to go trough as well. (Mom, if you think going camping is the ultimate boyfriend-tester, try fasting!)

A few blog posts ago I spoke about how we fill emptyness in ourselves with love and recognition from other people. Well, the same goes for food. It really is a comforting, calming thing, to eat. We tried not to fill the emtynesses we experienced with other distractions, but face them and go trough the emotions that came up. (Do you feel a sadness moving trough you that you can’t place yet? Close facebook and hug yourself!)
I even did a day without juices, just water and tea. I can tell my kidneys are pleased. (Happy little things, those kidneys!)
I think I will do this more often. In between things as well, just take a day a week and just drink juice, nothing else. It gives your intestines a nice, well-deserved break. They will be thankful, you will be too.


Does this mean I will be super-food-conscious and strict from now on? Conscious? Yes, I definitely feel how much impact all the different food has on your body. Every fruit, every veggie does something different for you.
Strict? Nope. Food is a gift. I really feel like I appreciate it more now. The first thing I ate was a small salad with herbs and egg and small bits of cheese. It was the most delicious thing ever. Then the next day we went to Bagels&Beans and enjoyed. Wow. How amazing can a bagel be. I was almost in love with it.

How was your easter? Did you enjoy sunny life? What did you eat and how did it make you feel?

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