Thursday, August 1, 2013

A poem a day...

I would just like to promote reading poetry for a bit on here. I feel like 'non-practical' things have been abandoned more and more. The things people do in their spare time are very often still 'usefull' or are things that give instant-gratification. (Running, going to the gym, cooking, crafting things, …)
Poetry opens new worlds, often forces you to use your imagination and play with your view on life. Words that aren't normally written together, describe feelings that normally words can't grasp.
I would just like to get the message out: Poetry is not boring!!
Whenever I find something new that inspires me, I read one poem everyday, to fuel my imagination and sense of wonder.
I really like the surrealist poetry that Meret Oppenheim wrote, like this poem;

"For you, against you
Throw all the stones behind you
And let the walls loose.
To you, on you
For one hundred singers above you
the hoofs run loose.
I delight in my mushrooms
I am the first guest in the house
And let the walls loose."

What poems do you like? What would you recommend me to read?
I would love some new poetry-experiences...

And of course poetry doesn't need to be in words. Images or a piece of music could be poetry too.

Here! Have some Philip Glass!


Anonymous said...

W.B. Yeats,
Ik hou niet zo van poezie, maar wel van zijn poezie.
X Emma

Dorien Ruben said...

Hey dankje Emma! Heb je ook een bepaald gedicht dat je mooi vindt? :)