Thursday, April 25, 2013

The treehouse

Tonight I slept in the treehouse. You cannot imagine how beautiful this place is. Or actually you can. Take your dreams (or mine, actually) and place them into reality. There you go. That is what this looks like.
A house in the trees, under it a stream. I woke up from the sunshine and birdsinging. I could see the birds in the trees trough the windows in the roof.
Ironically I find it hard to open my heart fully, I am so terribly busy in my head. The harder I try to calm it down, the busier it gets. The time all for myself, writing a bit, meditating, helped a lot. So did the sounds of the flowing water and the birds. I try to be here, whatever is right now.
We work in the forest almost every day, creating stairs and paths, planting raspberries, doing some arbosculpture and building more beauty. I adore the people that are here with me. It really feels like we are creating a bit of paradise here together, I even get to do some of the work that I am good at, painting the signs for in the forest. It is a great discovery that I can be traveling and still do the creating I long to do at the same time.

Oh and I didn't even mention the best thing ever we have here; a shower in the forest! :)


Steffan Jonkers said...

Wat fijn Dorien! Geniet van de mooie dingen, van het zonnetje, van de vogels, van het water, en dan komt je hoofd vanzelf tot rust. Liefs, Steffan

Amber @ Fauna Finds Flora said...

Wow! It sounds awesome living in a tree house and like a very romantic lifestyle.

Sanne Bruinsma said...

Wat een mooi boomhuis...lijkt me prachtig om daar te mogen slapen! En wat een leuke bordjes ben je aan het beschilderen : D

De Blije Werelt said...

Mi like to be here bigtime. Ik kan iedereen aanraden ook eens een werkvakantie te houden hier.