Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finally outside again.. :)

Spring is in the air! You might think not, since it is still snowing now and then, but I honestly feel the spring already. The stork agrees, it was inspecting it's nest close to our permaculture garden.
Yesterday we were back working in the garden again to do more mulching and to create the paths. It is very satisfying to see the garden take it's shape, it is going to be a big circle. It was also great to be outside working again, that is something I had been looking forward to. With the snowy weather I haven't been outside much.

Rints Swart took some pictures.. In the second picture you can see the paths taking shape.. You can guess how it will look like all the way around when it is finished.
We covered the paths with woodchips. I love working with that stuff. It smells so good! It reminds me of playgrounds and forests and just… the good smell of being outside.
In the first picture we might have needed a tea break.. :)

And it's not just the garden taking shape.. So are my plans for this year, at least for this spring. It looks like I'll be in France in april and may, helping to build treehouses.. I'll share more on that soon! :)

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