Wednesday, October 3, 2012

When you are in need of lemonade, life gives you...

Sometimes you come across or experience something that happens to be just what you need at that moment. Do you recognise this? Coincidence? Or just the way life works?

Today I have to do a presentation about my work, my goals and my skills. I was feeling very nervous, so I figured this was a good time to finally write my 'business plan' that I was holding off to write for a while now.
So what are my goals? I am excited to go write this, since I love fantasising about all the projects I could do. Why am I postponing writing this? Am I afraid I will fail? Or am I afraid that others will find my goals ridiculous and immature?
I decided to go to a yoga class a few days ago to make myself relax a bit. Yoga always makes me feel better and cleaner somehow. The class happened to be a chakra yoga class. And then the topic of the class happened to be the manipura, the solar flexus chakra. Which happens to be the 'core' chakra of the willpower and the energy to manifest things. In what way do you want to direct your life? What is it you want? Go for it! - Just what I needed!
I often encounter or imagine these kind of 'coincidences'.

It makes me feel comfortable knowing that when life gives me lemons (or something to worry about), sooner or later the other ingredients for lemonade will be given as well.

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