Monday, August 6, 2012

Hooray for growing things

My garden still hasn't been 'restored' to non-jungle state, but it bothers my neighbours, not the plants. I spent my sunday afternoon on my garden, taking out some of the weeds, but mostly harvesting and watching the rain from under the roof of my shed. The smell of the rain on the plants was so good. I can't walk around in that garden without the word 'abundance' in my head. It makes me feel happy and thankful.

A little demonstration of 'abundance'; yesterdays harvest.
The courgettes and parsley were gifted by a garden neighbour. There were even more beans, I gave those to neighbours and friends.

I have been thinking that if the economic crisis would worsen and affect us very badly, I would go trough the city and plant beans along every usable fence I could find.

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