Tuesday, July 17, 2012


It's about time I update you all on what is going on.. I graduated! It feels good and strange to not be a student anymore. My finals exposition was perky (if that's the word..)

My paintings, drawings and texts were arranged like a poem, instead of evenly spaced and spread out on the walls.

I took a little break and spent a week doing nothing at all. Now it's back to work, arranging stuff, cleaning up the mess from before the exams. I'm looking for a space to work (if anyone has suggestions, please let me know, ideas are welcome).
My garden turned into a wilderness. The neighbours were not pleased, but to be honest, I think my garden is the most beautifull of all. It is filled with flowers and vegetables and berries. Abundance.. Too bad I can't leave it like this. If I can get my camera to work again, I'll give you a safari.. ;)