Monday, June 18, 2012

Stress and creativity

Another post without a picture, I'm sorry! I promise, after my graduation, the picture-posting will continue.. I have about one or two weeks left to finish my last work and prepare for our final exhibition. I find it very hard to handle stress, do everything on my list, take good care of myself (damn you, PMS!) and be creative still at the same time.
It is very important to me that I can be satisfied about the work I have done when the exams are there and the exhibition opens. But is it important enough to be stressed about? Will I perform better when I stress about things or will I be able to create more when I relax? How can I even relax right now?
I look forward to all the projects I could do when this is all finished. Projects with no pressure on them.

Googling tells me stress does limit creativity. A Stephen Shapiro wrote some very interesting things about creativity and stress.

"The more creative the work, the less motivation required to hit peak levels of performance. Studies reveal that creativity diminishes when individuals are rewarded (externally motivated) for doing their work. Why? The desire to achieve the goal overtakes the personal interest in the endeavor. A myopic focus on the outcome overshadows the intellectual stimulation of the process. As a result, risk taking becomes reduced and creativity vanishes."

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