Saturday, May 26, 2012

A little heart-opening

Sometimes, when I take some time to just sit still, it hits me how beautiful everything is. It's a silly realisation. Of course, the things have always been beautiful. And it's silly that I give myself things to do every part of the day. I don't allow myself to do nothing. Mostly it is nature that gives me the reminder. Trees, birds, the sun or the rain. And friends, love. Music.
This morning I sat in the sun on our roof. Eating my breakfast and watching the birds. I watched a pair of sparrows fly on and off to feed their babies. Watching them made me feel so peaceful and full of love.
Sometimes you see, hear or feel something that suddenly opens your heart up a bit. "Opening the heart" is not just a series of pretty words, it is something you can actually do, like walking and singing. I want to do some more heart-opening.

And a little picture of the abundance that is my garden in this time of year.


Rebekka Seale said...

Beautiful! I want to do some more heart-opening too!

The Oak Leaves said...

What a pretty garden! To answer your question from my recent blog post about permaculature... I pretty much just know the definition and not at all how to put it into practice... especially in the area of our yard that will eventually be the garden. Thats a part I didnt show you all in my photos... Its over grown with brambles and poison ivy about 4 feet tall and too thick to walk through... Id been thinking about getting goats anyway and perhaps letting them "mow" it down for me. Any suggestions you have will be warmly welcomed! I love to learn about less destructive ways of gardening!

Dorien Ruben said...

Thank you Rebekka and Christina! Christina, I put a reply over in a comment on your blog :)